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Current Sawmill and Woodlot Issue March 2019

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Publisher's Letter - A Shoot-Out Vacation

Many readers know that every two years we sponsor the well-known, much-loved, one-of-a-kind Great Portable Sawmill Shoot-Out® and that the Great Portable Sawmill Shoot-Out® alternates with the Great Firewood Shootout®.

Last Mountain Timber - A Search, Rescue, Recycling, and Nostalgia Business

The demolition of over 5,000 wooden grain elevators represents a lot of wood, but where most people would see construction waste destined for the landfill, Lincoln Dobson saw an opportunity.

West Coast Drought and the Invasion of the Zombie Trees

Look up nearly anywhere in the Pacific Northwest and you'll see a 'Zombie' tree.

Uneven-aged Management: Theme and Variety

Uneven-aged management provides a more diverse forest structure that is appealing to smaller woodlot owners and the general public.

Kiln Operators Ask: 'How Dry is Dry Enuf?'

Although we might argue that the home or office environment is too dry or too wet for the wood, in truth, most of the time, the wood is too wet for the environment.

Angle Gauge & Biltmore Stick

Angle gauges and Biltmore sticks are easy to make and use but have some limitations that we'll consider later.

Woodpecker News - Looking Into Our Crystal Ball

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ASK your questions and Sawmill & Woodlot authors will answer them for you. This month's answers are from Gene Wengert.

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