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Current Sawmill and Woodlot Issue October November 2019

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Publisher's Letter - Happy Holidays!

Do the holidays have you wondering what gifts you might give to the woodlot owner or sawyer in your life? Consider these great gift ideas from S&W Publishing.

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Sawing Techniques to Produce Quartersawn Lumber

When discussing how to saw hardwood logs, the question of how to produce quartersawn lumber always comes up. I want to talk about quartersawn lumber, what it is, describe its desirable properties and some common methods for producing it.

Do-It-Yourself Logging

Part 4: Management Planning Discerning the distinction between culturing an immature stand and regenerating a mature or low-quality one is critical and requires a broader look at your priorities.

Understanding the Mystery of Oak Decline

The composition of the woodlands of the U.S. has been influenced heavily by humans over the last two centuries. Timber harvests, fire suppression, forest management activities, and the introduction of the chestnut blight have all played a role in the makeup of our forests. We've changed our woodlands, and that's brought us to the forests we now find in the eastern U.S., forests that are dominated by oaks in the upper canopy.

Running a Kiln with a Moisture Meter

Determining the MC of lumber during, or at the end of, drying is an involved process.

Woodpecker News - Log Supply

A lot of things are happening that will affect our log supply.

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