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Current Sawmill and Woodlot Issue December January 2017

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Complimentary Issue! The 2016 Great Firewood Shootout Results

  • Automated Biomass Systems Autosplit
  • Bell's Machining, Welding & Hydraulics Bell's4000
  • Bell's Machining, Welding & HydraulicsBell's6000
  • Brute Force Mfg. LLC 16-24 HD
  • Brute Force Mfg. LLC 24-30 HD
  • Cord King CS 18-30
  • Cord King CS 20-40
  • Dyna Products SC14
  • Dyna Products SC16
  • Multitek North America LLC 1620ss
  • Multitek North America LLC 2040xp2
  • Supersplitter Inc. SuperSplit HD
  • Tajfun RCA 400 Joy
  • Tajfun RCA 480 Joy
  • Timberwolf Mfg. TW 5FC
  • Timberwolf Mfg. TW Pro MPX
  • Wood Beaver Forestry Eager Beaver
  • Wood Beaver Forestry 16-18
  • Wood Beaver Forestry 20 BAB

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