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Current Sawmill and Woodlot Issue October November 2017

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Welcome to The Great Portable Sawmill Shoot-Out Preview Issue

October 6 & 7 Cambridge Ohio

The 2017 Great Portable Sawmill Shoot-Out Official Preview

There's been a lot of sawdust through the chute since the 2015 Great Portable Sawmill Shoot-Out®, and this year, manufacturers from around the world are bringing back tried-and-true machines, as well as a few new models.
Over the course of two days, The Shoot-Out will feature 14 sawmills, ranging in power from 13 hp to 65 hp, with every option imaginable, including full hydraulic log handling, computerized setworks, and edgers. This special section offers you a quick look at the participating mills.

Attend The 2017 Seminars - The 2017 Great Portable Sawmill Shoot-Out

Friday, Oct. 6 Saturday, Oct. 7
9:30-11:00AM Basics of Hardwood Lumber Grading 9:30-11:00AM Guidelines for Edging Hardwood Lumber
12:30-2:00PM Sawing for Grade and Patters in Hardwood - Part 1 12:30-2:00PM Drying Options for the Small Operator
3:00-4:30PM Sawing for Grading and Patterns in Hardwoods - Part 2 3:00-4:30PM Understanding Wood & Water for Woodworkers
Our Seminar Presenter is Brian H. Bond, a Professor & Extension Specialist in the Dept of Sustainable Biomaterials at Virginia Tech.

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Other Editorial

Straight Talk

How a tree grows, and how we saw and dry the lumber will affect how straight and flat a piece will be after drying.

Predicting Moisture & Dimensional Changes

As moisture in wood changes, so do its dimensions, which lead to many wood-workers' problems.

Woodlot Tips

Tips from a pro on safety, cutting, skidding, machinery, and much more.

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