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Current Sawmill and Woodlot Issue July 2016

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Publisher's Letter - The Great 2016 Firewood Shoot-Out

We're very excited this year to bring you a diverse range of machines in the final lineup of the 2016 Great Firewood Shoot-Out&tm;. Plan to join us and watch this exciting demonstration of 15 processors and 4 splitters.

The Value of Showing Up: Belonging to Woodland Owner Asssociations

Regular involvement in forestry and landowner groups will give you long-lasting relationships with like-minded folks. Best of all is the chance to learn from one another's experience.

Marketing Your Sawmill Hardwood Sawmill Business

Marketing is something that most of us wouldn't normally do to earn a living, but what you do at the mill and what you do online are both essential for a modern business.

Other Editorials

Avoid Curves and Follow the Straight Path

Of all the defects that affect lumber, warping has to be at or near the top of the list.

Creating a Positive Image

Your behavior and that of your employees, whether good or bad, contribute to the creation of your business image. The challenge for a business owner or manager is to set the wheels in motion so the image of your firm is a positive one.

Building A Solar Kiln

This past spring, I was the instructor for a class that was learning how to build their own solar-heated, lumber dry kiln. In addition to the principles of solar collection and the design and construction of the kiln, students learned about drying techniques, stacking, defect causes and cures, and the like.

Chain saw Felling Frame

The solution for dealing with the thinning of many small trees is the felling frame.

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