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Current Sawmill and Woodlot Issue July 2018

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Publisher's Letter - Making Plans!

Here we are in the middle of summer and the temps are getting hot. While you take time to relax and enjoy the warm weather with family and friends, you may want to think about attending some of the upcoming end of summer/early fall events that you may find valuable for your professional development.

Natural Resources Careers

There is the perfect job out there! If you can fit your passion to your profession, your work will also be your pleasure.

Woodlot Roads & Trails

Forest roads and trails need to be planned and built to serve more than just timber harvesting -- and the habit of leaving debris at log landings is verboten.

Woodpecker News - Looking Into Our Crystal Ball

Covered in this installment- U.S. Forest Service reports on national forests, and tariffs on woodworking equipment made in China.

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ASK your questions and Sawmill & Woodlot authors will answer them for you. This month's answers are to readers' questions on the use of insecticides in air drying are from Gene Wengert.

Additional Articles and Columns

The Game Of Logging

Even if you don't use the techniques you will learn in the class on every tree, it introduces new skills and options that you'll have when you need them.

Starting A Woodlot From Scratch & Potential Income Sources

The Brooks Sawmill was established in 1923 and is likely the oldest, continuously family-owned, sawmill business in Alberta. It started with manual felling and horse logging on the Brooks property as well as on adjacent properties.

Sawing Small Logs - A Small Problem?

When sawing a small log, we need to remember that the profit potential is quite small, so we can- not afford to spend much time sawing.

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