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Current Sawmill and Woodlot Issue May June 2018

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Publisher's Letter - Powerful Imaginations

Summer is certainly enjoyable, but also a time when many of us capitalize on the good weather and spend a lot of time working.

Woodlot Management: Is Forest Management Really Worth It?

Each woodlot will be different, and it takes carefully controlled actions to maximize your rate of return. More importantly, you need to decide what activities will be most satisfying.

Woodpecker News

Covered in this installment- Higher softwood lumber prices.

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ASK your questions and Sawmill & Woodlot authors will answer them for you. This month's answers to readers' questions on drying, solar kilns and the Southern Pine Beetle are from Gene Wengert.

Sawmill Reviews

Hud-Son Oscar 52

Additional Articles and Columns

Pacific Rim Tonewoods: Turning Trees into Tunes

What makes a good guitar? It's a question Steve McMinn of Pacific Rim Tonewoods (PRT) has been asking himself for nearly 50 years.

Woodlot Management: Land Use

For much rural land, if it is not in active farming, forest management or mineral extraction, the highest and best use is generally classed and taxed as its potential value for real estate development.

Sawmill Business: Brooks Sawmill Prospers When Hollywood Moves North

The Brooks Sawmill was established in 1923 and is likely the oldest, continously family owned, sawmill business in Alberta. It started with manual felling and horse logging on the Brooks property as well as on adjacent property.

Sawing & Drying: Drying Softwood Lumber

Softwood lumber is handled and dried much differently than hardwood lumber.

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