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The 2019 Annual Buyer's Guide!

As subscribers and advertisers already know, we publish a Buyer's Guide each year with the goal of providing not only Sawmill & Woodlot readers, but also the broader community, with a handy new and reliable resource for locating the products and services needed to run their businesses.

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Unique Wood!

Emerson Park Tree Farm, just southeast of Akron, Ohio, is more than a working tree farm. Susanna Pugh and her husband, Melvin, started the 30-acre tree farm in 1976. Located in the rolling hills of northeast Ohio, the tree farm features a variety of hardwood species, including beech, maple, oak, ash, boxelder, and elm. The tree farm's name honors Susanna's paternal grandfather, Ralph Emerson Furbay, who owned the property in the 1960s.

Basal Area

If you owned a shoe store and wanted to know how many pairs of shoes you had, by color and size, you'd do an inventory. But if you own several acres of forest land with 400 to 1,000 trees per acre, this is not a practical approach. So, we resort to the technique called sampling, and pick random points throughout the forest and measure the trees at those points. Fortunately, a very smart Austrian forester developed a simple system for doing this. Basal area, the cross-section area of the stems of all the trees on an acre, is the key value in determining whether there are too many trees, just enough, or not enough.

Gary's Mill - Putting Up His Own Shingle

Gary Francis says that he can manufacture about 800 board feet of lumber per hour using his TimberKind 2200 band saw mill. Hydraulics, board return and debarker were important features when Gary Francis went shopping for a new band saw. He got it with the TimberKing 2200. These features reduce his back pain and minimize the potential for grit, which is deadly to band saw mill blades.

Practical Techniques For Accurate Use Of A Pin-Type Moisture Meter

A moisture meter is likely the second most commonly used instrument in a drying operation. (Can you guess what is #1? Yes! probably temperature probes.) In my job as a consultant and instructor, I often find that the moisture meter is used incorrectly. So, let's look closely at this piece of equipment.

Woodpecker News - Looking Into Our Crystal Ball

We all know about the terrible forrest fires that have taken place in the West over the past few years - especially the "Camp" fire in November 2018. I want to offer a look at forest fires from a forestry point of view, but before beginning, I do want to voice our cares and concerns for those who lost family and friends and to those who lost homes, belongings, and a lifetime of irreplaceable items.

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