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Sawmill and Woodlot Magazine Issue May June 2019

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Publisher's Letter - The 2019 Sawmill Seminar Series at the Paul Bunyan Show!

Brian Bond, who has presented the Sawmill & Woodlot magazine seminar series at the Paul Bunyan show for a number of years now, returns again this fall. Brian is a professor and extension specialist in the Department of Sustainable Biomaterials at Virginia Tech and has also written a great article on hardwood lumber grading in this issue.

Brian's seminars will guide you from log to lumber during the two days. You can sign up for all six seminars to get exposure to the entire process, or you can select those sessions specifically targeted to your needs. For more information, see below or go to www.ohioforest.org.

DIY Logging - Installment #1 - Safety

Do-it-yourself woodlot management is full of hearty challenges, and doing it well is very rewarding.

Basics of Hardwood Lumber Grading

When working with hardwoods, understanding hardwood lumber grades is vital for both the production and sale of your product.

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In this installment, readers ask about warp, fuming and WPC. Answers from Gene Wengert.

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A Tenuous Journey Drying Hardwood Lumber

Successful drying of lumber can be technical and high maintenance, but if you are not loading green lumber in your kiln and pushing it right to the limit, the task can be easier and simpler.

Keys to Drying White Woods

Drying 4/4 through 8/4 white woods like maple and ash is a bit tricky, but the defects are controllable.

The Paul Bunyan Show

The Original American Forestry Show
October 4-6, 2019
Guernsey Co. Fairgrounds
Cambridge, Ohio

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