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Sawmill and Woodlot Magazine Issue July 2019

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Publisher's Letter - Subscription Snags...

I want you to know that we are currently renovating our fulfillment process. For the moment, we ask that you direct inquiries regarding new subscriptions, renewals, payments, and subscription fulfillment to one of the following phone numbers:




We will have our completely new fulfillment system up and running by the time of the next issue. Once that new system is in place, it will be easy for you to securely and directly manage your subscription from our website (www.sawmillmag.com). Routine requests like address changes, renewals, gifts, etc., will be fully automated on the website, which will minimize the need for you to contact us directly- although we always enjoy hearing from readers!

Stay tuned and I'll update you in the next issue. In the meantime, if you have any questions about your subscription, please contact us at one of the numbers above. Lastly, we apologize for any difficulties you may have encountered while managing your subscription during this changeover. Thanks for bearing with us.

- Walter

The 2019 Seminars Presented in the Sawmill & Woodlot Seminar Building

Independent Sawmill & Woodlot Management magazine is pleased to partner with the Paul Bunyan Show to bring this series of enlightening seminars to Cambridge Ohio. Take advantage of these popular & educational classes presented by Brian Bond of Virginia Tech. Topics this year cover a full spectrum - from Logs to Lumber. You can pre-register online, or enroll at the Paul Bunyan Show Office on the day of the event.

Other Editorials

Basic Operations for Your Sawmill

The basic band saw mill is an impressive piece of machinery. Here are 12 mill improvements that make sawmilling safer, easier, and more efficient.

Ticks in the Woodlot

When working outdoors, ticks may seem like subtle concern in comparison to other hazards, but they're a risk worthy of our attention.

Do-It-Yourself Logging

Part 2: Firewood In this installment, we consider equipment limitations, accessories, and production issues, particularly for personal firewood.

Wonderful Wood

The author examines wood from a technical, scientific viewpoint to discover reasons for its good and bad behavior when processed into lumber and other solid wood products.

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Readers ask about checks, waviness, and power washing. Answers from Gene Wengert.

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