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Sawmill and Woodlot Magazine Issue August September 2019

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Publisher's Letter - We're going bimonthly!

Next year, 2020, the magazine will publish the following issues: January/February, March/April, May/June, July/August, September/October, November/December. Plus, you’ll receive the Annual Buyer’s Guide in the January/February time frame.

Drones and Forest Management

With the ability to provide an aerial view over otherwise inaccessible areas, drones are quickly becoming the go-to tool for a variety of forest management objectives, such as fire control, forest health, crop tree release, harvesting, planting, and laying out trails.

Rabies Today

While treatment immediately after exposure is highly successful, once symptoms appear it's too late, and untreated rabies almost always results in death.

Do-It-Yourself Logging

Part 3: Harvesting Lumber Logs & Doing It Well Controlling the quality of work in your woods is a major benefit, and there are financial benefits of earning the "e;logging rate"e; for your products, and perhaps a retail rate on special products and “project wood.”

Hardwood Log Grades - A Way to Estimate Log Quality and Value

Since hardwood logs and products generally have a higher value difference between grades, this article focuses on hardwood logs for lumber production.

Woodpecker News - Minimize Inventories

Spending on residential construction has contracted for six straight quarters, the longest such stretch since the Great Recession.

The Paul Bunyan Show

Schedule of Events for Saturday October 5th and Sunday October 6th 2019! Download now!

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ASK your questions and Sawmill & Woodlot authors will answer them for you. This month’s answers to readers' questions on grading and drying are from Gene Wengert.

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