Sawmill and Woodlot Magazine Issue August September 2016

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The Great 2016 Firewood Shoot-Out Preview Travel To The October Event In Cambridge, Ohio

The Wood-Mizer LT50 Sawmill

For working alone, this sawyer considered the LT50's log dragback system and bidirectional chain turner key considerations to becoming a one-man operation.

The Paul Bunyan Show - The Original American Forestry Show

October 7th-9th 2016 in Cambridge, Ohio

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The Wood-Mizer LT50 Sawmill

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Publisher's Letter - The Great 2016 Firewood Shoot-Out Preview

Welcome to our preview of the 2016 Great Firewood Shoot-Out&tm;, which will take place October 7 and 8 at the Paul Bunyan Show in Cambridge, Ohio.

SOILS - Getting To The Bottom Of Things

The next time you fall down in the woods, take a closer look at the soil.

Kiln Schedules For DH Kilns

The kilns published in many reference and instruction books on drying have schedules that must be modified for DH drying.


Questions include - "My solar kiln drying rate has slowed waydown. I am at about 12% MC. What can I do?", "I have to replace the roof of my solar kiln. What material should I use?", and "From time to time, I have red oak that seems different than normal. Any ideas?"

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