Sawmill and Woodlot Magazine Issue February 2017

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The 2017 Buyer's Guide, apps for your mobile devices, a digital edition for your laptops and desktops, upcoming trade shows, The Great Portable Sawmill Shoot-Out® and, of course, your feedback.

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You have neighbors, colleagues, and friends who will benefit from hearing the "Good News" of forest stewardship.

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Eastonmade 12-22 Firewood Splitter

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Killing the Competition - Managing Weeds for a Successful Forest

Invasive and noxious weeds in forest areas can mean the difference between a thriving timber stand and a season of replanting.

Recycling and Appropriate Technology on the Woodlot

As fossil fuel supplies dwindle, we will need to mix more manual labor with smaller, more fuel- stingy machines such as these.

Barking Up a Tree - Characteristics and Properties of Bark

What is bark? Why is it there and how does it affect processing trees into lumber? What useful purposes does it have at a sawmill?

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