Sawmill and Woodlot Magazine Issue February 2018

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Publisher's Letter - Welcome Tony Kryzanowski and, also, Woodpecker News!

We're so happy to welcome Tony Kryzanowski to the Sawmill & Woodlot pool! Tony is an award-winning Canadian-based writer with over 25 years' experience reporting on many aspects of sawmilling and woodlot management in both Canada and parts of the United States.

Looking into Our Crystal Ball

Things are changing quite rapidly in our forest products industry - in the woods, at the sawmill, in the manufacturing plant, and in the marketplace for wood products. This column will look at some of the things that are happening within our industry and how they might affect you.

From Guitars to Hocket Sticks

Experts predict that nearly all of Toronto, Ontario's 850,000 white ash trees will die over the next decade because of attacks from an invasive Asian insect called the emerald ash borer (EAB). One enterprising portable sawmill company is making sure it doesn't end up in tub grinders.

Sawmill Reviews

Wood-Mizer FS500 Bidirectional Log Splitter Equipment Review

Other Editorials

Carbon Management in Forests

From a carbon perspective, forestland is the very best land use, and we can make a strong argument that good forest management provides a crisp economic incentive for forests to stay forested.

Woodlot Thinning - Big Machines and Small Trees

Large machines often do less damage than chain saws and small tractors. While small is beautiful, bigger can sometimes be better.

A Primer for Lumber Drying

For the best-quality lumber after drying, we need to pay attention to what happens before the lumber enters the kiln.

[email protected] - Hurricanes & Flooding

Ask your questions and Sawmill & Woodlot authors will answer them for you. This month's answers are provided by Gene Wengert.

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