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Let's begin with the More! More equipment? Why not? Gene Wengert has written a tempting article about some options to consider after purchasing a sawmill. He focuses on three-- a board edger, a resaw for cants, and a trim saw. Then, Tony Kryzanowski continues on the topic of his Sawmill Business column where he describes how upfront investment in accessories and equipment can open the door to new customers and expand business opportunity. And to sharpen the focus even more, Dave Boyt introduces us to Joe Nay who talks about his distinctive firewood business and why the Japa 365 Pro has been the ideal fit.

Taking a step back to Mushrooms and Mysteries, we're sure you'll enjoy Robbo Holleran's wonderful yarn called Mysteries in the Forest, where Robbo covers everything from why forestry can be more complex than rocket science, to the animal residents, bird migrations, communication among trees, and burls, bird's eye, and curly maple. It's fun and instructive commentary.

If you get hungry while reading the other articles, Phillip Meeks has once again taken care of that. He probably tickled your palate with his article on Tree Syrup in the previous issue, and in this one, he entices us with ways to grow Mushrooms in the woodlot using log cultivation. Amazing!

We hope you'll enjoy the whole package-- the articles, the mysteries, and the mushrooms.

- Walter Andrzejewski

Mushrooms in the Woodlot

Even when commercial production isn't the goal, a couple of hours invested one weekend afternoon can bless one's family with gourmet quality mushrooms for years to come.

Cedar Sawmiller

When purchasing a new sawmill, the accessories are often ignored or deemed too expensive, but shouldn't be. It's important to have an eye to the future of the sawmill business's potential because an upfront investment in an accessory today could deliver big business income dividends tomorrow. It could open doors to new customers, result in higher utilization and higher value recovery from each log, and allow the company to produce complete building packages in-house.

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October 1-3, 2021
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Japa 365 Pro

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Mysteries in the Forest

One of the fascinating things about forests is that we know so little. Sure, there are books and magazines that can explain "e;almost everything"e; to some level of detail, but many mysteries remain. With thousands of species from soil bacteria to the tallest redwood, growing from the tropics to the Arctic, there is so much to consider. Forests can be wild, dark, and unexplored or planted and highly cultivated. As managers, what worked last year might not work this year, and we just have to admit that forestry is not rocket science - it is far more complex.

After the Sawmill, What Else Do I Need?

After purchasing a sawmill and sawing a few pieces of lumber, what should I consider purchasing next?

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ASK your questions and Sawmill & Woodlot authors will answer them for you. This month's answers to readers' questions on treated plywood and temperature measuring sensors are from Gene Wengert.

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